right, i'm currently in the stage of customising my epiphone gothic g400, and would really like some advice on what pickups i should get. I run it through a vox ad100vt, and will use this guitar for metal playing. I was thinking to go for seymour duncans, and really am just sticking to passive ones. Any ideas?
go with the duncans. i just put a set in my strat last year, and havent been disappointed
Any reason you don't want to go active? Most people are probably gonna tell you to get EMGs if you want pickups solely for metal.

Personally I just ordered Seymour Duncan Dave Mustaine Livewire Actives. We'll see how it turns out.
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itll just be cheaper to get a new guitar with the sound/pickups you want

pick ups are wey too expensive IMO
i was originally goin for an emg 81 and 85, n when i went to a shop to ask them about it , he said that i would have to make extra room for the batteries, which left me confused, and when i looked a seymour duncans, i saw that a lot of them are passive.
well if i was to get a invader, stick it in the bridge, whats the best neck pup to go with it?
the '59 is great for the neck, and would highly recommend it if your goin for an invader.

I just dont know why you got scared away from actives just because of a 9v battery.. Normally I would be an advocate of the Kerry King combo ('85-'81) or the Hetfield configuration ('60-'81) in which case you couldnt go wrong with either of those.. But if your set on getting duncans.... Invader and '59 or hell, Invader and DiMarzio Super Distortion. The super distortion is great, think of the PAF Pro with more low-end response and more output. Why not
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i would recommend an SH-5 Custom / SH-2n Jazz combo, in bridge and neck respectively. Dimarzio DActivators are good also but i havent tried them.
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