smoke on the water
whole lotta rosie
ballroom blitz
merry xmas everybody (only advisable near xmas though :P)
american idiot

stuff like that really
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yeah fire him secretly... thats what im doing except im firing myself and secretly joining someone elses band

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If you get a virus by looking at porn, is it considered a sexually-transmitted disease?

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thanks for the compliment man!
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lol j/k but yeah i dont have any i just play metal and get people mad at me
In our attempt to seek individualty,we have all become the same

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seek and destroy is a sure crowd winner
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Uh oh......you just had to go and piss off danielrobbyshor, now we're all ****ed.

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How can an orgy be 'Nazi-style'? What did he stop halfway through and incinerate a jew?
you make a lot of threads.

Are you gonna be my girl- JET
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I think you need to stop caring what people think about it. I stayed home all day today and masturbated like 5 times. Fucking blast.

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What kind of crowd?


If you want a crowd pleaser you should probably find out what kind of crowd you're playing to first and adjust what you're going to play accordingly.
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“A man who mistakes secrets for knowledge is like a man who, seeking light, hugs a candle so closely that he smothers it and burns his hand.”

Longview - good head banger
Crazy Bitch - everyone screams when the first 4 chords are played

and for some reason...

Pour Some Sugar On Me - when you're in a bar, almost everyone has a bottle
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my own worst enemy by lit. everyone knows it and loves it.

lot's of ac dc is easy, and the classics are well known. Lot's of grunge stuff is pretty easy, same with punk rock. if your going for a more modern feel, there lot's of great three days grace songs which are easy, same for alot of these alt rock bands, mostly power chords and root notes.... but i try not to judge =p
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american pie

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for one does not simply walk in to a spinning propeller

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Buckethead is the meaning of awesome