So I'm starting college and I don't think I'll have time for a full time job and be a full time student. I need to get a different job and with the whole Guitar Hero craze alot of people(kids) are getting into guitar. I wanna put an ad out on my local paper offering tuiar lessons but I'm not sure what's the standard rate for guitar lessons. This is what I gather from a local music shop that offers lessons. I believe it's about 85 dollars a month for private lessons. Lessons are once weekly. I think it's a bit steep, but what I really wanna know is what other musicians who do this on the side charge.

I now come to the pit for guidance! Anyone have any tips? It'd be awesome if you could all get me a link to a webpage that would have all of this information. PM me, post any tips or info. Anything would help. Thanks.
I pay 25$ per half-hour lesson.
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I pay $100 a month for weekly lessons (an average of $25 a week), but since you aren't a professional, I think you should charge $15 per 30 minutes.
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don't charge too much. you're only just starting out and you're only aiming at teenagers. teenagers won't generally pay too much for instrument lessons because they can't afford it.

as you get better and start getting qualifications, add these to your advert and gradually start to increase the price until you reach what you feel is a suitable price.

also, don't forget that parents will be willing to pay a lot of money for lessons for their children because they want the best, but they won't want some student to teach them, so make sure you know who your target students are.

by the way, i'm still only teaching friends for free, becuase i don't feel i'm ready to charge money for lessons. make sure you are capable of at least grade 6 or 7 on guitar or you aren't really a good enough player to teach, and people who start to progress will get bored and find another teacher, then tell all your students about this other, better teacher. i've seen this happen, hence why i'm taking my time, so just make sure that you are ready.

hope this helps.
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Well as long as you're fit for the job (you not only should be advanced in the instrument but you should also know how to teach) then I'd suggest you ring around local guitar tutors and ask what they're charging (of course pretend that it's because you're interested in learning yourself).
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I hate to thread jack, but this seems like the best place.
My dad was at a party, and another dad asked if I could teach his kid lessons. I have only been playing for just under a year, but I figured I could teach him some barre chords. I'm not sure how old the kid is, or if he'll have any influences. I think he's about 9 or 10. So what should I teach him?

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well, Hereiwas, i'd say start off teaching him chords and find some simple stuff to teach him. Try theme songs. The Inspector Gadget theme shouldn't be too hard for the kid. Also **** like Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka. There are tabs for it under Buckethead. Start off with the basics. Basic scales, pentatonics THEN start looking into influence.
Thanks NO31. I'll get the hell out of this thread now and go look for some themes.

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20 bucks for a half hour is pretty typical around here. If you want to give a good deal and attract more people you could say 20 bucks for 40 minutes.
Just make sure that you can show your students that what they're learning is applicable to the music they want to play. If you're teaching somebody who likes metal how to do pinch harmonics show then teach them a few Black Label Society songs so they know how to apply techniques in context to the music.
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IMO, Never say "what song do you want to learn?"

Because one time I was doing lessons with a guitar teacher I use to have and like the asshole I am I said Necrophagist - Fermented Offal Discharge and he searched the tabs on his Mac and you should seen his face because his jaw drop lol then he told me that the song is over played and I need something more TECHNICAL wise and challenging because in his words"it was just random notes.

BTW, he plays pop rock.
I went to a store that charged $13/half hour, but that was before the huge craze. Even though, the most I know that gets charged in PA is like 18-20 bucks an hour.
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