yo i just got 200 dollars in da mail from guitarcenter im wondering should i get another guitar or get a bigger amp right now i hve a

dean vx
marshall mg10cd
digitech rp 90 effects pedal
Put it in a high-interest savings account, and after a decade you'll have $520.


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get an all-rounder guitar, dean's are very metal based, and you can't garantee you'll always want to play a metal guitar

try gettin a les paul or a strat, or something else that appeals to you, so that you have the variation.

UNLESS, of course, you are planning on doing any proper gigs any time soon, then i'd say get a bigger amp, but ONLY if you're gonna be gigging properly anytime soon.
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Judging from the icon you chose for this topic, you'll be spending it on something else..?
You'll need to ask in Guitar Gear and Accessories. This forum is mainly for music theory, musicianship, and technique related questions.

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