As you probably know, videos from sites such as YouTube can be put on portable video players (Ipods, Mp3 players) by going to certain sites that allow you to submit a url and receive a video download in return. Once the video is downloaded, you have to convert it to a format compatible with your player. You may even have to convert it again using a converter that came with the player, slightly modifying the file so your player can read it.

Anyways, I'm trying to perform this process on videos from this site:


(I'm a huge wrestling fan)

But, for some reason, NOTHING I have tried has worked, so I am asking the UG Tech Gurus to help me.

Thanks a TON!
I have no idea what your talking about
My signature has doubled...
My signature has doubled...
Quote by John Spartan
I have no idea what your talking about

Do you understand the process I explained above? It doesn't work at flowrestling.com

I'm asking for help on how to download videos from there or make the process work.

Surely most of the video's on that site are on YouTube?

If not you could always get a video recorder thing that records your screen like Fraps, and then crop it down and save it as a movie file.