How do u guys warm up before you play guitar...how do prevent the tension from building during your playing .....and how do u eliminate it and is it possible?

Thank u

just play an easy song.
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I just warm up by doing chromatic scale runs for like 10 minutes or so. And I also get tension sometimes when I play too, usually if it's a new piece I'm learning or something. I usually gradually become more relaxed the easier it is to play for me (after more practice).
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Play through an entire song that doesn't wear you out, but gets the blood flowing. do some pre-show push ups to get the muscles in your arms awake, and so you'll look pump'd for the ladies, so you don't strain yourself. and don't forget to breathe while playing.
C Major then some light string skipping.
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I dont really warm up, i always go straight into whatever i'm playing, i've never really had to warm up =/
Mostly just arpeggios, chord stuff to get the fingers mobile.

That and I take a moment to get relaxed in a playing position. Just hold the guitar prone and rest my fingers lightly on the strings while trying to identify any points of tension. Then I work on making them not tense.... if that makes any sense
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I'm surprised nobody mentioned the pentatonic scale. I usually warm up with some variations of Am.

Playing some easy songs comprised of mostly power chords is also a good way to get things loosened up.
I do trills on every string from the 5th fret up to the 10th fret then back down to the 5th fret using a bunch of finger combinations.

I do:
ring-pinky (this one KILLS)

it seems to work well for me, considering I'm **** at knowing my scales.