I was looking in a guitar shop today and i played a couple Jay Turser bass guitars. One looked like a Musicman Stingray and on looked like a Fender Jaguar or Mustang, im not too sure. Has anyone out there tried them out? Are they quality instruments, or should i look for another brand?
You should PM Bales (JazzRockFeel), if he doesn't respond to this thread. He has a Jay Turser that he defretted. He should be able to give you a detailed opinion.

I've never been particularly thrilled with the ones I've played in shops, but they seem OK for starter basses.
s'oka starter bass, but other than that, pass on it if you're looking for a decent quality sound.
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oh okay. ive been playing for a couple of years now, and i was looking to upgrade from my ibanez gsr200Fm, and i was looking for a 5-string, but i tried out the 4-string jaguar-style body, and it felt really good.
just buy what you think fells really good. the other guy's opinions dont matter. neither mine. just play all the basses you can and say "dude i like this" and the buy it or save for it.

yeah, i know, i tried a whole ton of basses. i just want to know if they're more for beginners or sound quality or what.
Jay Turser are by no means an upgrade bass. They rival something like a Squier, if you don't get a lemon, which are quite common. Actually, they are very similar to a Squier. If you have an Ibanez GSR200 you probably have a bass at least as good if not better than a Jay Turser. Look somewhere else if you want a quality instrument that is worth the trouble to upgrade to.
my bro has a jay turser guitar and it sucks. it doesnt sound good and the body is cracking.
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My first bass was a Jay Turser. Horrible tone, fret buzz everywhere and the electronics started failing on me like 3 months after I got it. I defretted it a year ago just for the hell of it.
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you surely are the only person happy with your jay turser, ive played one bass and i own one of the guitars, as well as played another one.

chunky neck, wierd crappy tone, extremely low output pickups on the basses. and the worst part is the frets, jay turser, whoever he is, seems to just throw frets at a piece of rosewood and hope it turns out okay

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jay turser, whoever he is, seems to just throw frets at a piece of rosewood and hope it turns out okay

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So what could you guys recommend? im looking at around $1000, 5-string, active pickups, deep sound, mostly used for playing at church
hmm, ive never considered a Spector, but i'll look into it. anyone else have any ideas?