Poll: Bugera 6260-212 or Randal RG200DG3PLUS?
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Bugera 6260-212
8 80%
2 20%
Voters: 10.
Which amp? Bugera 6260-212 or the Randal RG200DG3PLUS? I think the Bugera can get the heavy tone, but what about the Randal? I'm talking about the more scooped and heavy-as-f*#& tones that you get from bands like Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, All That Remains, As Blood Runs Black, All Shall Perish, August Burns Red, Bloodjinn, Darkest Hour, Demon Hunter, It Dies Today... So what would be better?
Quote by Ben12321

6260/6262 man. its bad ass amp i have had mine for a good while. i use it with my 5150 II on the road. ask Blood shed as well. he has it too. GREAT AMP
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