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What's maaaaagic?

What's what?
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rich_sg, I promote you to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. of the Pit. way to speak your opinion.

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RICH_SG you are a filthy person for accusing me of dirty trolling , you are a stiff coconut
I like fire ball beter, every one should get a flame wand from the magic shop.


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Stop Performing Meathook Sodomy On Yourself
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What's maaaaagic?


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You ****ing suck at finding stuff to watch on the interent

What's the interent?
thats the gayest thing ive ever seen
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I know this Jewish guy who pierced his asshole.
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thats the gayest thing ive ever seen

i agree
best YouTube video ever

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Honesty is the best policy!

...Unless your trying to get a job. In which case, lie like you just got pulled over with a dead body and some shovels in the back seat.

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Delayed Blast Fireball FTW.
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My two pennies- theory. Learn it.
Skills. Get them.
Hair. Grow it to your ass.

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i can only keep it up for about 30 seconds before my fingers cramp up =[

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Sorry, but because you listen to Tool doesn't mean you're intelligent.
that was probably the lamest 22 seconds of nothing.
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M. Night Shyamallama