hi guys, im back from my undesired UG break.
Anyway i have a few band issues that i need some help with.

1) The band has now found a keyboard (piano) player, he can cover the bass lines from time to time and add piano parts, the thing is, he says he can sing well, i've only heard him sing once a or twice when he is listening to music (GNR), the guy is 13 and tuurns 14 at the beginning of next year, hes doesnt look 13 and it seems to me that his voice is properly developped, heres the question: is he too young to be our singer?

2) we have summer vacation problems, the rythme guitarist is in france (im goin to germany soon) and we wont be able to practice until the 15th of august, that means a total of 2,5 months without a band practice with all members, how bad is this??

thanks for ur time.

1) If you think he's good, and he wants to do it, go for it. The main question is: will he be dedicated enough?

2)Just practice with whatever you have. There's nothing you can do about the vacations.
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its bad. give up music.

no. actually, age doesnt matter, unless you know the restricments for his age. you know, if you go and play in a pub where these guys are doing pot and having sex in the floor, its just not ethic to take the boy there. also, remember he still depends on his mother so take in count that when having such a young bandmate, some late night gigs may not be possible.

and about the practice, it doesnt matter, just practice all on your own and then just put it all together in two months. if we say some of you dont have where to practice thats really bad, cuz you loose yourr finger strenght and coordination, so thats big trouble. if you have a guitar to take to germany of a family member has one there, and the rest of the dudes have the same luck, just call and tell them"guys, check out thess songs and when we return, have it finished, cuz we'll play it". that way you wont lose so much time from your practice.

and remember to enjoy your vacations