Song #5, w00t, k. so far this is the biggest gp5 file ive created, and i think its probably one of the best. it doesn't have a name right now so... or lyrics, but it is really cool. i hope u enjoy it, Please crit! C4C!


ty for the crits guys, i used ur comments, i think it sounds a lot better!
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Nice. I really dig the intro.

Chorus 1 was great, but really short, 4 bars of this heavy build up then it drops right back into the slowish part. I'd make it a little longer.

Chorus 2 was a much better length, and I loved what you did with that next break.

The solo was pretty good, you had lots of great ideas and you kept changing what you were doing which kept the sound fresh. But there were definitely some odd note choices, and I really thought it lacked power and punch to match the song. End end of the solo was rather weak too, it just cut right off when the break started. Personally I would have ended it with a whole step bend on the 15th fret of the B string (basically D=>E) and held that note for at least the first bar of the break.

The outro was cool, and that little lead fill was nice.
Intro- Very Awesome, Simple yet interesting-8/10

Verse 1- Basically The Intro with some distorted chords-7/10 (Repetition is here but lyrics would solve that.

Chorus 1- Very Jumpy, Energetic, Basic Power Chords, yet I'm being kept attentive-8/10 (A little To Short but no big deal)

Break- Nice little transition back into Verse 2- 7/10

Verse 2- Combining Verse 1 and Break, same style but different atmosphere, kept my attention- 9/10

Chorus 2- Solved the length problem and the bass was great, variated it nicely- 10/10

Break 2- Little Speaker to Speaker switch up, nice- 9/10

Bridge- The chords between 41-48 got repetitive, but vocals would change that, drums were amazing, complex-7/10

Solo- Nice solo, the bars 59-60 weren't that great though, i love how you threw in the arpeggios between a couple bars, nothing to fancy about this solo, but is very good-9/10

Break and Chorus-Basically the same as the first break and chorus's- 8/10

Outro- Woah! I like the rhythm and bass fills, the guitar lead was pretty sweet, and the drummer got to show something off!-12/10 ( it was that great)

Over all, the song earns a 9/10, nothing was bland, everyone expects the bass to follow the rhythm but most of the time it didn't, Really good overall.

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Yes, poop.
This song sounded great from start to finish. I didn't have any problems with the solo though, in fact I was drooling a little because I wish I could write a solo like that. But I do agree that a bent whole note over the first measure of the break after the solo would help ease the transition a little.

And are you a Nirvana fan? For some reason the chorus reminded me a little of Smells Like Teen Spirit, which was actually pretty cool.

8/10 for me.

Care to check that out for me? thanx!
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I might have to break from the tohers here - a lot of this song sounds pretty generic to my ears - which isnt to say its bad, because its actually pretty good, but generic. Nonetheless, I really liked the verse. I feel like the chorus comes in too suddenly - theres no transition at all, not even the drums playing a fill. Later on in the song you have a bar of 1/4 pause right before the chorus - this works wonderfully. Chorus, breaks, and bridge are all pretty good - i like the intensity of the bridge. The solo is very bland, just a bunch of 16th note scale runs. The outro, however, keeps my interest. It's definitely my favorite part. Overall, I'd say 6.5/10 - its well done, but kind of forgettable.

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