You need more feeling in your playing...and sadly, that can't be taught...
It's a cold world, so homie bundle up. We ain't on this grind for nothing, now get your hustle up.
You're a bit behind the backing track, and you need to work on your vibrato more. Make it faster, and more intense.

Some of the higher bends were out of tune.

Kudos on the pinch harmonics though.

Do you usually play with the guitar over your left leg? I would think that that would make it more difficult to get the right vibrato and grip on the neck.

Pretty good though .
Work on the vibrato definitely, good job pretty much nailing the solo. Some parts were a little slow (the faster parts) and adding a touch more reverb or delay might be nice. Nice harmonics, really nailed those.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=908699
Pretty much what Blue Strat said. There's a few times the solo is just a fraction of a second behind the backing track. It's important to make sure that the solo matches up particularly for every kick and snare hit. Good job overall though!
You guys are all to critical! While, yeah, there are places that were a little choppy, You're never gonna get it to sound as good as David Gilmour did. IMO, Gilmour's sound was all in his fingers and not in his guitar, amp, or effects. Being a huge Floyd fan, and even a bigger "Wall" fan, I've probably heard more than 1000 people try to play this solo, and no one even comes close. Not even Gilmour himself can reproduce the sound that was recorded on that song. Besides, who wants to sound like someone else anyway?

Great job on the solo, the sound, and the playing!!