I've heard mixed reviews about alot of them. What are some good pedals to boost volume that are around $100-$150?
LTD KH-602
Schecter Hellraiser C-8
Bugera 333X
Boss TU-2, HM-2
EHX Big Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker
Crybaby From Hell
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DeviEver: Legend of Fuzz
MXR Phase 90 Script, Carbon Copy, MC-401
For just a pure volume boost the BBE Boosta Grande does a pretty good job but you might want to go for more of an EQ type setup in which case the MXR ten band EQ is probably what you want to go for.
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Boost/Pre amp pedals:
Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso
Catalinbread Serrano Picoso
Durham Sex Drive
Xotic AC booster
Xotic RC booster
Keeley Java Boost

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....I'd stay away from anything on the cheaper end on volume pedals....it's just hard to find a good sounding volume pedal (I mean quiet and not a tone sucker).