Hullo, Pit. A little while back, I accidentally ruined my macbook's headphone jack with a lousy cable that stretched out the contacts or whatever you call it on the inside. The result is that only that cable will work in the jack. I've been using that cable to run my laptop through things like guitar pedals and PA's and whatnot when I need good sound (which isn't often), but now I'm looking for a slightly more convenient fix. I was wondering if there are any USB speakers on the market, the way there are USB microphones. I don't mean the kind where they leech power through a USB port and you still need to plug them into the output jack. Or perhaps an audio interface with an output jack? I'm open to anything that works. I'd like to avoid having it professionally repaired if possible, as I'm no longer under warranty and I'd prefer a cheap solution.
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Do you have the AppleCare or whatever it is?
The warranty basically.
If you do, just complain that it is faulty.
Here are some though...
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