I'm starting a band and at the moment I've got everyone I need for it, minus a singer which we've all agreed to wait for someone really fitting while one of us covers it. Right now the Drummer and I (I'm lead guitar) are the only ones ready to gig but the three others are progressing quickly.

Here are my problems and one is coming from each guitarist:

1 - He lacks work ethic, I just can't seem to get him to practice but he has some serious potential which is why I still have him lined up. Any motivational suggestions?

2 - He is worried about the glory of the lead guitar. He seems to think it's unfair that I will get more attention for doing the harder leads (he's not capable of the harder things yet). I've told him over and over that it doesn't really matter who is doing what as long as it's sounding good. Anything I can tell him to wake him up?
Basically one is whiney about who gets more attention when it really doesn't matter and the other lacks work ethic.
For the work ethic one, tell him he's out if he doesn't put in the effort required by the band.

For the jealous one, tell him as soon as he can play the parts, you'll have no problem sharing solos or doing cool harmonized riffs and that you're looking forward to hearing him tear it up, but tell him he's just not quite there yet. If you aren't cool with sharing solo time or doing duet lines once he is good enough, then it seems like you have the same need for attention as he does. Try and look at it from his point of view. Its easy for you to say that getting the attention isn't that important to you when you're the one getting it.