Hi i am selling a Limited Edition Marshall MG100HDFX/MG412 Slant Cab Half Stack. I have only had this amp for a little under a year and has stayed mainly at my church but we moved churches and while moving some scratches had occurred only on the back of the cabinet. I took off the price because of the wear and tear but nothing to big. Works perfectly fine. Comes with Marshall pedal. The Marshall MG412 straight cab is the perfect match to the MG100HDFX. This 8 ohm, 120W cab is loaded with 4 - 12" custom-voiced Marshall/Celestion speakers and finished in rugged black Tolex. Item weighs in at 45 lbs.

Originally retails for $600.00

I'm asking $495 (or best offer).

Will trade for a Crate V3112

Feel free to call or email me at 817-964-2405 or at Timhim08@hotmail.com

Thanks God Bless, Tim
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good luck trying to sell that dude...MG's are the laffing stock of amps on UG
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