Alright, so i've been playing guitar for 4 years. I'm currently in a band and we're about to play a garage gig and a local festival in a month or 2.
I play through a Line 6 Spider II 150 watt 2x12 (don't rip on me)
Anyways, the lead guitarist in my band plays through a Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet half-stack. No matter what volume combinations we use with each other, either he can't hear himself, I can't hear myself, or the crowd can't hear one of us.
The main problem I believe is that since its a 2X12, it doesn't project as much as the half-stack. For some reason, the speaker outputs don't work on my amp, so I can't plug it into the P.A. or a cab (note: I also don't own one) I don't have a job of any form, and my parents won't buy anything for me (unlike last time when i got the Line 6)
What should I do?
1.Sell the Line 6? (prolly only get $180 )
2.Run the Line 6 through the P.A. using direct out?
3.Use an amp stand to help projection?
4.Other suggestions?
With option one I would have just enough to get a Crate GX900H (tried and loved it) but i wouldn't have a cab, my friend's dad has a spare cab but i'm not sure if i could use it.

EDIT:Garage gig is in 2 weeks

What should I do?
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You could adjust the EQ so that the rhythm guitar has the mids scooped out a bit, and the lead guitar has the mids boosted a bit.
Oh i guess i forgot to add that we're playing The Trooper, and in some cases I play solos too.
That would help with being able to distinguish one from another but projection still seems to be a problem
I don't need a signature to tell you I don't need a signature!
*bump* other suggestions?
I don't need a signature to tell you I don't need a signature!
Hmm, 150 watts should be pretty loud. Get the speaker outs checked by a pro.
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