i am retubing my amp and wanna know what tubes to put in them. i was thinking jj tubes but didnt know if there were any other ones i should use? also i want to get new speakers and i was thinking eminence wizards? are those a good choice for a heavy sounding style i need something with a low bottom end.
I dont know much about speakers, but I've heard a lot about Celestion Vintage 30s.
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JJ's are going to be a bit dark and thin in that amp..

I'm retubing mine(just waiting for the last 3 tubes that I ordered), and I'm going to put a Tung Sol in V1 and possibly V2 or 3, and I'm going to put a JJ in the PI spot... I've got a handful of sovteks and chinese tubes as well that I have filling out the rest of the tube locations..

If I were you, I wouldn't put all of the same tube in all the preamp locations...

From what I understand, V1 will have the most impact on your tone as far as the preamp tubes go, and also the Phase Inverter has a decent amount of influence as it's the last thing the signal sees before hitting the Power Amp..

For Power Amp, I would consider JJ's or Tung Sols
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yea i was thinking about getting new tubes for my b-52 too. There is actually a video on youtube where someone did this specifically to a b-52, you might find it useful.

As for the tubes I really dont know a lot about them. but there is a sticky somewhere that gets into decent bit of detail one which tubes do what. I would probably get some tung sols too.

As for the new speaker. It's really entirely preference. Although you can't get vintage 30's in them. B-52 puts out to many watts. I like the eminence stuff. Also a speaker thread around here somewhere. But like i said thats preference really...

if your looking at eminence speakers they are all good quality. Some are american voiced, some are british voiced, and each has there own tone. So like i said its preference.
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