It is confirmed. I am going to it. August 19/08, at Darien Center, Darien Lake, Buffalo, New York, United States Of America. Hell yeah.


However, I've never been to a concert before. Not even a small local one. So, under the circumstances that my first concert is me (14 1/2) and my brother (16), alone, in a crowd of **** tons of other people, I just have a couple basic questions.

1. The website says that there are multiple stages, although it seems as if the main stage is inside an amphitheatre (rockstar stage). So where would the other stages be? Like, outside in the general area of the amphitheatre? Also, does buying seats in the theatre also give General Admission to the lawn so we can see the other stages?

2. How do these things work? Do I just go sit in my seat in the theatre for one band, then if their is another band I like more somewhere else just get up and walk there? Idk man, I'm just confused.

Btw, I know theres gonna be drugs and **** there. I know there's also probably gonna be someone, somewhere, picking a fight. However, even though I'm only 14, I'm nearly 6 foot 3", and over 200 pounds, so I can well fend for myself. I'm not gonna be alone, and I have enough sense not to do any drugs (more so for the fact that my dad is a lawyer and a general hardass, and I'm poor atm, rather than health risks). Any tips are also appreciated.

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Drugs only enhance the experience.
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i went to the one in mountain view, it was pretty awesome!

the hot topic and jaeger stages are in the parking lot, and those are GA (therefore more fun)

and yes you just get up and walk there (ie you skip dragonforce and go see underoath and machine head)
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I went to the san bernardino show on the 13th and it was sick. The general admission ticket for the main stage will get you into the venue where you can then go inside and the two side stages will be there. You will be standing all day until the main bands perform. I had the best time of my life and it was my first huge concert i have ever been to. I don't do drugs, so to say that not being on drugs won't make it fun is wrong. It was sic and ****ing loud.
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I feel sorry for anyone going to mayhem because there is a chance they have to listen to Dragonforce, but I still wanna go but they arent coming within 150 miles of me and my truck gets 15 mpg so I cant afford to go
yea usually multiple stages mean the headliners will play last on the biggest stage and they'll just have the other stages out in the parking lot and sometimes alternate bands between the stages..so one gets done and another begins after a few minutes...or they have a set number of bands play on one stage before going to another.

people are bound to act like jackasses and fight but i've never had someone just randomly want to beat my ass, not even the crazy drunkards i've had the luck to encounter. rock out and have a good time man!
I went to this 2 days ago, probly the best concert i've ever been to. I don't like Five Finger Death Punch, but they put on a bitchin show, and had a giant pit going.

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I'm going in Toronto, whole thing is GA

But you should be fine. I'm 15 (16 in December), and my first concert was Gigantour earlier this year. And I'm the one that messed someone up in a pit . If you really get into it and run around and ****, you'll be banged up, but won't even care. If you just stand around, you might regret it a little more, because it's way more fun to actually move and be pumped with the crowd. Either way, you'll be coming out in one piece
I'm going August 6th in Nassau Colisseum. The tickets first come first serve, so the earlier I get there the better seats for the main show.

It's going to ROCK.
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Its a concert and everyone there is there to have fun, no one will pick a fight for no reason. Fighting is for the mosh pit.
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I went to the one in Bonner Springs and it was pretty awesome. My favorite band there was probably Machine Head. During their set everyone was singing along, moshing, head banging...and Robb Flynn is just flat out awesome.
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I would've gotten to go to Mayhem today, but my mom wouldn't let me because I "didn't have a ride."

As far as the drunk people go, they're pretty cool, at least in my experience. I had this dude buy me lots of beer once, it was awesome.

I wanted to go just so I could meet Mick Thompson and Machine Head. I didn't really care about anything else...in all honesty, I think Machine Head should've been on the main stage, and they should've replaced Disturbed or Dragonforce or something...

Ah, I'm so pissed at not getting to go.
it was ****ing amazing, just went 2 days ago.
SlipKnoT and Disturbed are gonna kick your ass
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I'll tackle these one at a time.

1. The other stages would probably be outside. When you get there you'll most likely see them. Or ask someone if you don't.

2. Yeah..you go sit, usually lol. Or get down in front of the stage.. But the festival I went to had the bands coordinated so if you wanted to see all of them they wouldn't overlap..

3. Don't consume any of the mentioned alcohol and drugs, and you should be fine. I consumed a fair amount of alcohol at the fest I went to and nothing happened to me. I didn't even see very many fights. Maybe 4 at the most. You'll be fine.

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Also, even though I smoke and drink, I don't do that stuff at a concert, unless it's stuff I don't really care about. Because if you're high off your ass, you won't remember anything about the concert, so that sucks. Like, when I went to Gigantour, I was totally sober for Megadeth.
If you're going to the Michigan show, all I can say is......

MC name = Bearrorism
**** yeah, were going to the Houston show Sunday. It's going to be ****ing BRUTAL!!!!!!