I am looking to build my first guitar, using already-made parts from Warmoth. Is there anywhere I can look (websites or books) for a COMPLETE list of the tools and pieces I will need (right down to screws and solder)?

Any other advice for a first timer?
What should I do or avoid doing?

Also, I am not sure what pickups I am going to get yet. I play metal. I would like to go passive, probably Seymour Duncans but some actives like EMG (also considering Seymour Duncan Blackouts) include pots and wiring, so that might be easier. Thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
I have done some searches but I have found much. Any help here would be GREATLY appreciated.

Also, if I buy a guitar routed for a Floyd Rose, and the Floyd Rose itself, how difficult would it be to install and set it up? I have a floating bridge in another guitar, but that was stock.

if you can put a puzzle together, you can do this.

just make sure you're very efficient with your puzzle making.

A into B, make sure everything's nice and snug!

Any material you would recommend? I also need a complete list of required parts. Anyone know of one?
I picked up Dan Erlewine's "The Guitar Player Repair Guide" today, is there anything else I should read?

Read through peoples builds, find the things they did wrong and remember them.

Learn things off of peoples mistakes.

You will need to consider what bridges you want
- Floyd Rose
- Kahler
- Tune-O-Matic
- Fixed Bridge
Even under all of them, there are other options, like brand and model number.

Whether you're going to have 3 a side tuners or 6 in a row, also if you're going to have lock tuners.

What type of nut are you going to have?
A Floyd Rose locking nut
Graphite rolling nut
bone nut etc.

Single Coil or Humbuckers?
What type of magnets in each pickup?

Type of wood-

Fretboard material-

Extra Jumbo?

Scale length?-
25.5 Fender Scale?
24.75 Gibson Scale?

Trussrod location?
You can have the adjusting end at the pickup end or the headstock.

How many tone and volume?

What type of switch?
3 way?
5 way?
mini toggle switch?

Dot like on Fenders?
Blocks like on some Gibsons?

There's plenty of options, I don't think i've written them all out, but there are a few ideas for ya.

Hope I helped a little.
I don't remember where I was,
When I realized life was a game.
The more seriously I took things,
The harder the rules became.
I'd use Kisekae (google it, click first link) to design something and then buy parts based upon that.
Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe
Boss DS-1
Crate GTD65

GAS List:
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster
If you want good metal passives for metal, I personally love Dimarzio X2N in the bridge and dimarzio tone zone in the neck. The tone zone will not only give you great metal tones, but rolling off the volume gives a great jazz/blues sound.