I have a peavey valveking 112, and it is wonderful. However, lately iv been thinking of getting a footswitch. Before I got the amp, i figured I'd just keep it on the clean channel while I played live, and just keep my distortion pedal on most of the time so i could switch back to clean when i needed to.

When I got my amp though, i found that the distortion channel on the amp is superior to my boss ds-1. I decided I need a channel footswitch for my amp and checked out the footswitch peavey makes for the amp. I found that numerous people said it does its job, but is plastic and very flimsy and its kind of expensive at $40. I know certain footswitches won't work with amps they aren't made for, so I was wondering what channel switchers other valveking owners have used. I want something that works well, fair priced, and compatible with my amp. I don't have a problem with it being plastic, as long as it is cheap. Or do you think I should stick with what peavey makes and just buy their footswitch?
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I would imagen the vox one would work. Thats fairley well built, and is cheaper than the peavey one as far as I am aware.
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