I've been playing a lot of guitars for the past month or so trying to decide what I would like to buy, currently I'm playing a fender prodigy. Budget is like 700ish (I play variety of styles but high gain/metal type stuff is the most common).

So far the guitar I have been liking the most is the jackson DXMG for overall feel and tone. I haven't gotten to play the DKMG yet, but it appears to just be a slightly upgraded version of the DXMG?

Any opinions on either of these? Thanks
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You can get a used DXMG for $200-300.

the i like the dk but id probably get the dx instead, i like my dk better then my new esp
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dinkys suck
especially ones equipped with emg hzs
and especially with 'piranha' inlays
I've really only been looking at new, new the dxmg is like 450, I think the dkmg is around 600.

To the reply saying that dinky's are no good, why exactly do you say this (not joking)? I have played countless guitars in the 4-700 range -

Epiphone Les Paul Plus was my first choice, overall feels like a real quality instrument, but plays a little slower and has a little less bite than the jacksons i tried.

Dean - Tried a dimebag style one or two, the action was very low but other than didn't feel like it was put together really well.

Ibanez - I played several ibanez guitars, admittedly I think they were more around the 3-400 range. They just didn't feel as fast and well built as the jacksons.

Schecter - Played a few of these, they seem really well built and play pretty fast, but seems like I would be paying more for one of these than what I would for an equivalent (seemingly) jackson.

Already own a fender so I was staying away from these (not in a negative way I love my prodigy but would like something different this time).
I own a DKMG. Its really great for metal and youll find that it opens up once you get a tube amp. Really comfortable. I love it and would recommend it to anyone.
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That oughta do it.

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Herman Li- why is this guitar so big?

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There both solid instruments but if u liked the dxmg u played why not get that one.
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I highly recommend the DKMG

dunno bout the DX
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i played both the DXMG and the DKMG, the sound of the active EMG's on the DKMG is a little crisper and more punchy than the passive emg hz's on the DXMG.

the neck felt about the same to me. i bought the cheaper DXMG and the money saved went to a better tube amp. i don't play a lot of high gain stuff so i could get the sound i want with the passive pickups.

if you have a good tube amp, go for the DKMG, you'll regret not getting active EMG's for metal
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Bump for the weekend people as I will be returning to the store this weekend.

I don't have a nice tube amp as someone mentioned, I live in an apartment so its cube 30x for now. When I buy house (possibly in the near future but nothing definite) I will most likely be upgrading to a nice tube setup.