Well, I've been looking around for some picks and I recently sent an order for to Musicians Friend for some. Just in case these don't work, I was wondering where to go next...

Heres what I really like in picks, but I just can't seem to find any (in Musicians Friend anyway) that have these qualities.

-A sharp tip like the black Jazz III's but not quite as sharp of an angle.


-Average size (about the size of a Fender Standard Pick maybe a little smaller)

-Easy to hold onto

-Pick Slides that are noticably loud Ex. Jazz III's are very difficult to get a nice sounding pick slide because the ones they make, are quiet. Where a Fender Celluloid pick has nice volume in it

-Quick release

I'll edit more in here if needed. Also, just tell me if you need any pictures.
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ever think of Gator grip picks? they're very stiff (they range from .1 to .2 mm) and they have a nice angle to em. check em out.
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dunlop tortex and file it down to a point you want. i use the orange 60 mm. and you can play fast with thin picks. paul gilbert uses 60 mm's and bruce bouillet uses 73 mm. my sources are from the racerxband board.
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make your own

You see? I have made my own. The problem with that is, if I make my own it takes much longer. It would really be nice to be able to BUY the picks that I want.
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TS, have you ever played with Dunlop Jazz III XL's?

Also, for pick slides with the vanilla Jazz III's, just use a little more pressure and you'll still be able to get a good sound.
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TS, have you ever played with Dunlop Jazz III XL's?

No, actually, I haven't. I have been thinking about it, but it's hard to send your money away to something you've never tried before. Once again I must play the sh*tty music store card.