Hi, I'm new to these forums as a poster, but I've been reading here and other places about the steps to building a guitar. I've found a lot of the dimensions and this and that that I'm gonna need, but I have a question about the bridge...

I'm doing a solid-body guitar with a mahogany body and I'm planning on a 25 1/2" scale and 24 frets. It's gonna have 2 humbuckers and maybe a single coil in the middle... I'm not too sure on that yet... anyways, what type of bridge should I use? I was thinking I wanted a tremolo, but this is my first guitar, so if a tremolo bridge is gonna be harder to make, maybe I should go for something else. I have no idea if it is any harder than any other. Is the neck going to have to have an angle to it with a tremolo bridge?

The installing of a bridge is an aspect of making this guitar that I am unclear on... I think I have a decent understanding of other aspects, although I suspect that giving it a go will be the best learning experience. I just though I would ask you fine folks for some tips, bridge suggestions, routing dimensions and such as that.

...Oh! one other question: on the neck design, which I am still researching, is it typical to leave a small portion of the fretboard overhanging off of the neck and slightly over the body? Between the Neck and the Neck Pickup that is...
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I would get a kahler tremolo if you want a trem without the routing problems. They fit into the standard stopbar holes, and give you a trem similar to that of a Floyd Rose. I honestly dont know if you need the neck to be angled with the scale your using and such.
1: a trem is definitely harder to install than a regular bridge.

2: I'd suggest a hardtail string through for your first build, works great and is easy to install, if a hardtail doesn't fit the style go for a TOM. stewmac.com has some distances for installing their bridges on their fret scale calculator.
There are so many different types of bridges. If you want to keep it simple, go for the Fender Tele-type - string-through. Depending on how much you want to spend, we can recommend from decent/inexpensive to high-end.

As far as routing dimensions, you can model them after the Strat if you're going for a tremolo, easy to access and measure.

As far as the neck overhang, it's not necessary but is also available.

Good Luck!

Neck overhang is something that I have done on every one of my builds, I like the look of it.

If you're going the hardtail route gotoh makes a very nice one and I've heard good things about hipshot and they look nice (little more pricey though.)
Thanks for the advice so far! The number of bridges availible was baffling to me and I had no idea where to start. You've given me some ideas and I my go with a hardtail the first time around. I would really like a trem, but I certainly don't mind a hardtail or something ya' know? I'll check out stewmac and stuff and if anyone else has a bridge or site to recommend, let me know!

Oh, since this is a first guitar, I'm going with at least decent stuff, but I may not go top end... You can recommend expensive top end if you like though, because this is likely not my last guitar =P
"There are more songs about love than anything. If songs could really make you do something, we would all love each other." - Frank Zappa
I recommend gotoh for some nice parts that wont cost you too much, but will be durable, look good, and play great. Gotoh is probably my favorite parts company.
^ gotoh is teh seks . their tuners are firm and responsive, their bridges are very nice and everything is relatively inexpensive
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