I've been stuck with the same old crappy practice amp for some time now, so I'm looking to buy a new amp.

my price range is 500 AUS dollars (about 480 US or 250 pounds). The first one I'm looking at is a 75 watt randall solid state:


Its the third from the left.

The other ones is a 30 watt Ashton tube amp:

I'm leaning more towards Randall, as if I get that at my local music shop, I can get it for 499, whereas the Ashton is 450, and its an Ashton. So its not a brilliant amp.

What do you guys think?
i think the peavey valveking 112 is around 450 and that is great amp(all tube, reverb, etc)
but look at guitar center or somewhere
my advice is play before you buy b/c you'll never know what you're gonna get on the internet. and plus its just better when you play before you play.
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Quote by Artemis Entreri
Can I push for a tube amp?

You can if you can find a decent one for less than 500 AUS. And unfortunately, I can't swing more, because thats all the money I've got saved.

And I've tried both the options I've got websites for, coz they're at my local music shop.

EDIT: AA Valveking 112 is nearly a grand in australia. Its RRP is $995.
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