i am looking for a set of really really really warm pickups, or atleased if people have makes of warm pickups they would like to suggest that would be great too. i am looking for a humbucker with coil tap.
AlNiCo II?

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you would depend on the magnet such as Alnico 2 or 5 to get the warm tones.
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I'veheard though that on a scale the AlNiCos go in the order of Warm > ..Bright?
eg. Warm..II..III..IV..V..Bright... of course then ceramics would be like.............here

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warmest pick ups are all ways in a fire or a oven lol
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it depends on the traits of your guitar. definitely check out dimarzio.com. i would suggest air norton 7
There are a lot of ways to get warm pickups. The key is to do it without getting muddy. To recomend a warm pickup that isn't muddy we need to know what guitar it's going into, what style of music you want to play, and what amp you are using.

Gereral rules.

Alnico 3 is the warmest sounding magnet but has the lowest output
Nickel covers will give you a warmer tone than uncoverd pickups
Chrome covers will be warmer than nickel but tend to sound muddy
poly wire is warmer than Plane Enamel
Formvar wire sounds warm in the neck but thin in the bridge
hand wound pickups have a warmer tone with better definition than machine wound pickups

Keep that stuff in mind as you look into pickups
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ok, a lot of you want to know what my guitar will be, it's a custom, swamp ash body with quilted maple top, and maple neck, i know a lot of you a probably like wtf do you want warm pickups for with such a high tone based guitar but please work with me here. i want this tone to be a rather warm one because i am going after a really really warm tone i can use for jazz, while counterbalancing the highness of my guitar when i am playing rock (because i am adding ceramic emg humbuckers wired in parallel into the bridge spot) and i am now looking for a neck pickup and if you don't think i will be able to get a nice jazz tone out of it, then i'll need suggestions of a more rythm rock pickup.

^go with something that has an alnico 3 magnet, 42awg plane enamel wire wound to around 8.5K and has a nickel cover. Most boutique pickup makers can do this for you. Bare knuckles can do it too. I make them like this as well but don't have them listed on my website so you would have to email me.
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