okay so im getting a new acoustice electric, and i tried out a few, but im glued to these two.

taylor 1114ce: $800 with a gig bag.


or this takamineEG544SC: $650


im not looking to save money. id rather get the better guitar.

i love the sound on the takamine more than the taylor, but the taylor's neck is a bit more comfortable. the taylors sound isnt as crisp as i would want it to be.

if anyone has any experience on any of these guitars please tell me.

im still gonna try out a few more guitars, but these really stood out to me.

and if i can get the takamine, i'll have more money to put towards an acoustic amp in the future.
Acoustic guitars are all about sound. Sound > comfort. But of course, I mean this to an extent.

Get the Takamine. Not only are you getting a better deal, but you're getting a better sound(to you anyways).

Like you, I also find that taylors have a very comfortable neck, but I bought a Martin anyways. It sounds much much better in my opinion and was a little uncomfortable to play at first(because of the slight V shape of the neck), but I've adapted.
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I've played that Takamine - it's a pretty nice little guitar.

However, if you haven't looked into Seagull guitars, I have to recommend them. Great sound (better than the Takamine, in my opinion, and since you already like the cedar top...) and great playability.

The neck is something you either love or hate on a Seagull though, so try it out.
thank you so much. i think im gonna try out some more guitars before i finally chose.

edit:but im leaning towards the taakmine.
i've played both... i think the Takamine looks WAY better. the Koa back and sides on this model are gorgeous. hard to find in this price range as well.

i can't say whether i think one sounds better than the other though. they sound very different. if you like the sound of the Takamine better, you should definitely get it though! these guitars are very similar in quality and such, hence the Taylor is obviously over-priced.

i do like the neck on Taylors a lot, but i own like 4 or 5 Takamines and have no problems with their necks either. even if it feels odd to you at first, you'll get used to it and it'll feel completely natural after a few weeks.

actually if i buy another Takamine that's in the G Series... it'll be that guitar. there's one in a local shop around here and i've always really liked it. have you plugged one in yet? sound great amplified. i'm not a huge fan of the tone of this guitar unplugged honestly, but that's just my opinion.

if money is really no issue though.... i'd recommend this:


these 420 series Taylor's are awesome guitars and the all Koa special edition model is no exception. i like them A LOT better than the 100 200 and 300 series.
I LOVE the look of Grand Audatorium guitars, although I'm not a big fan of the extreme eggshellish sound Taylor delivers.
as a taylor 110 owner i like mine alot however every takamine i have ever played (solid top and up) has been well made and sounds quite well also. it all depends on wich one sounds and feels best for you and your budget play em all buy the one that begs you to. (you will no it when you play it). good luck happy strumming and remeber once purchased your thread becomes useless without pics. man i love some good acoustic porn.
thanksso much.
i wish i could get a pic, but the thing is, im not home right now. im visiting family in the states, and the guitar stores here are way better, and since my debit is blocked here, i have to wait for my dad to come to buy it for me then i'll pay him back.
i get home in like a week and a half. then, if this thread isnt lost, i'll put up a pic.

EDIT// oh that looks like im making my dad come all the way here to buy me a guitar. he was coming already tho. haha.
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Dont buy any taylor under the taylor 310.... not worth the money. My friend has a takamine. personaly i dont like it but *shrug*. If money is no issue get a used taylor 314-ce from guitar rodeo. Anytime you want to upgrade you can send it back and get anouther one and you get the same price you bought your first guitar tward your next. Awesome awsome company. www.guitarrodeo.com