So i've been playing guitar for about 3 months now and i've been playing on some epiphone SG special piece, and my marshall something amp i dont know... its really terrible tho, so i consider my self pretty damned good like almost as good as herman li. anyways my new gear is

Gibson cherry red freebird VII

marshall JCM800 head

and i plan to upgrade in a few weeks when i get better.

Comment on and rate my gear please!!!
Are you gonna have a cab for that head?

The Gibson and JCM should be pretty good though. Just make sure you try it out before you buy!
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definitely sexy. all washburn guitars are sexy
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dude i am as good as him maybe even better...

You shop at Hollister huh...Your not better then anyone. Your just like all the rest.

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oh dont waste money,get as good as eddie van halen and jimi hendrix and jimmy page THEN get your JCM,Li is good,but hes not thta good.
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Nice guitar, I would deff get one...

And also, if you AREN'T joking, you are way to full of yourself, if your always thinking you're the ****, you're just gonna sit around and look at yourself in the mirror. I think I suck, thus I practice, learn more, write more........

Anyways, sounds like a really nice setup, but start with buying a new amp...............If you get alot better amp, could change your mind.......
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But there is no Gibson "Freebird".
And certainly not a "Freebird VII".
yes there is check ask someone in your local store or google it, and yes i am serious exept maybe the herman li part but i thing i am good enough to join a band
The guitar is called 'firebird'.
Very nice setup indeed. Still, you are retarded if you think you're as good as Li after three months of playing.
Anyway, I think you're just a troll.
dude if youve been playing for 3 months and think your as good as herman li your full of sh*t. and the fact that you haven't been playing very long and you have some pretty decent gear and getting better gear, im going to guess your parents are rich, you think your all that, and you have no understanding of work ethics and hard labor.
Dude, For 3 Months of playing it's almost impossible to be as good as Li :]

Get your head out of your own arse, and go eat yourself a nice Ownage Sandwich..
Don't forget to put some Owned Sauce on it aswell. :]

Enjoy your OWNED, i mean.. MEAL!! :]
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you guys are just jealous of my skillz and i was kiddin about herman li but i think im good enough to join a band

You think you are?

You just might be, you just might...

Although... If you were to be in a band... you'd have to easily change chords with no pause in between, this is what beginners can't do.

If you can learn to do this easily then you'll be alright in a band, yeah.