The inside of the car was silent and contrived.
Incapsulated were four people,
One for each tyre.
Twelve noon brought upon rain
and gas on the tarmac.
The moon went to sleep
On a bed of sky.

"I put my hand on the controls,"
"Uh huh."
"And hit the switch."
"Brakes. Don't go too fast."

"Check your phone," she mustered.
"Later, I need to eat first,"
I said, "Maybe we
could have dinner later?"

"Welcome Chase," the console spoke
"It is twelve-fory-one tonight.
Have a good time."
"Show me her profile," I told the A.I.
"Female, 16, single."
"Current mood: contrived."

There's nothing that shows
That nobody knows

She wore a white polka-dot shirt
Under a fleece parka
Greek framed sleek silhouette
Shining underneath the lava light

"Time to go,"
I thought.
"Time to show,
Time to fuck."

"Hey, cheer up, you makeup's running dead."
"Excuse me?"
"I meant your face,
your clothes,
your shoes,
your name,
Oh why do I always fuck this up?"


I fingered my cheek
I think I broke some teeth

She walked away
Like a cat after a mouse
Left behind a trail of dust
"Current mood," piped the A.I.,
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I liked this. It was a story with lots of dialogue, which made it unique and also nice. I'm not sure how this would work out as a song but you handled getting everything across quite well.

Also, I don't now what you meant by 'she mustered.' But I thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece so keep this up!!

Mine's below, if you want to read it. I would really appreciate it!
Pretty nice piece...I misread it like two times, though :p
But I wasn't payin' attention to some punctuation which threw me off

Anyway, it made me laugh a bit, and I enjoyed it

Good job
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