Own an Eastwood Airline 2P DLX guitar? (Like the one Jack White uses in The White Stripes) If so, can anyone tell me if its worth purchasing? I have never played one because I have never seen them in stores. I fell in love with it when I first saw Jack White play it and I always wanted one. So, are there any owners out there that can tell me if its worth it? Thanks.
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^I've heard they're not very good. According to someone on this forum, Jack White admits his isn't good, and that's part of what he likes about it.
^ Well, looks like I should be on this forum a lot more. Either way, I still think it'd be cool to own one and plan to one day. The original ones (that go, for like $1000+), should be better then the current ones, but hey, what do I know?
Actually, some guys on GG&A own(ed) one.
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