is this really bad for a tube amp? if you switch on both at once?
its not like REALLY bad. read through the stickies, i think there is some stuff there for you, or search. no sense in us getting into it all again.
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You have to turn both on in the case of my amp, otherwise it's just like you never turned standby on.
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You have to turn both on in the case of my amp, otherwise it's just like you never turned standby on.

yeah, i know that. but you're supposed to do one before the other. i'm wondering what's the big deal about both at the same time
doing that puts a bit more stress on the cold tubes than necessary. i don't know why you would wanna turn them both on at the same time, you're not gaining anything by it. you would still get no sound for a few seconds, and you're beating up your tubes a little bit every time you do it.

if a standby switch is available, just use it correctly.
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When I first got my GH50L, I plugged it into the cab, then plugged in the power chord and turned the power on at the wall. Then I went upstairs to get my guitar. When I came back down I realised that both switches were turned on already ! Didn't do any damage thankfully. So it is ok if you do it accidentally, just don't keep doing it.
I'm glad I read this. Maybe that's why my Hot Rod deluxe got messed up....I dunno I wasn't aware of this before. **** me I'm retarded.
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it's not horrible for your amp or anything, but it does put a little more wear on the tubes than necessary.
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Some amps dont have standby, so cant be that big of an issue. Just when you flip both on at once wont get any sound for a little bit until the tubes warm up.
Don't do it man, there will be a huge explosion. You know how on the news from time to time there is talk of "meth lab chemicals" exploding at an apartment complex or something? It's a cover-up, the explosions are actually caused by people who turned on their tube amps without using standy.

j/k Seriously it won't do anything except wear out the power tubes faster. There are quite a few tube amps out there that don't have standby at all.
It kinda defeats the purpose of having a standby switch....just thinking out loud

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