I've been playing for about a year now, and my problem is that I always play a lot, and the skin on my fingers gets broken, and I've never really developed calluses.

I'm not a bad guitarist, either.

My left hand (fretting hand)fingers are definitely more callused than my right hand fingers, but if I play for so much as a half hour my fingertips have white cracks, and the skins starts to tear.


I don't think the solution here is to just keep playing until my fingers bleed, because that hasn't been working well the past year.
if they're just cracking there's no problem.. if they HURT then there's a problem.. callouses are supposed to get cracks and stuff in them..
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my fingers started peeling and **** when i started playing dude
just stopped a couple months ago, been playing about 2 years now.
theyve never bled on me though, i have enough common sense to stop playing if they hurt :P
well i've been playing for like two and a half years, and my calluses still break occasionally, so it's gonna happen, but if they hurt, that should go away after some more playing, but if they do just take a break for a little while
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