i was supposed to go later, but the other guy didn't have his up. i'll just give a short introduction to each song.

television-foxhole: this is my favorite song that's not on marquee moon (since i figured that many of you, like me, have already worn it out). a great rock and roll song.

jeff buckley-grace: quite possibly my favorite song of his. he really had a lot of potential and it's a shame that we only have so little of his recordings.

the kinks-picture book: a catchy song by the kinks. i don't really know what else to say other than i like it a lot.

radiohead-bodysnatchers: not my favorite song by radiohead, but it's one of their more rock/guitar driven songs. it's pretty good.

the byrds-i see you: i love the whole jangly/psychedelic vibe on this song. i wish they would have gone more in this direction instead of the country stuff, but that's another debate. the lyrics are really imaginative in this song.

the smashing pumpkins-i am one: a song i think most cr listeners will like

nick drake-three hours: this is originally on drake's debut, but this is a slightly different version. just a gorgeous, mellow song.

x- the hungry wolf: i've always considered x to be more of a rock and roll band, so i think most cr listeners will like it. it's quite good.

david bowie- hang on to yourself: again, this is one of bowie's more rockish type songs. quite possibly my favorite on ziggy stardust.

the beatles-rain: this wasn't on any album, so i think many of you haven't heard it. that's basically my sole reason for putting this on, but i like it a lot. one of their most "psychedelic" type songs.

bob dylan- when the ship comes in: i don't really know what to say about this other than i like it a lot. it's a great song.

tom waits- hang down your head: this is a pretty gorgeous song. i get somewhat sad when i hear it, but it's a great song.

happy listening.

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I'd heard (and love) Picture Book, Bodysnatchers, Hang On To Yourself, and Rain before, but most of the bands here (w/ the exception of a few) are artists I'd been wanting to get into a long time, so thanks for this. Here's an analysis of what I thought of all of the songs (minus the ones I'd already heard):
Television-Foxhole: I am one of those who wore out Marquee Moon, but hadn't heard much of their second album other then little clips. Though it's no Marquee Moon, it's still a very good song that makes me wonder why I haven't bought the album yet

Jeff Buckley-Grace: I've been meaning to look into him for ages and listening to that song makes me wonder what took so damn long. Great song with incredibly soulful vocals and a cool arrangement.

Smashing Pumpkins-I Am One: I've never really cared much for the Pumpkins. It's a decent song, but not good enough to make me revise my opinion on them.

Nick Drake-Three Hours: I have Pink Moon, and it's one of those albums that I really love but don't quite listen to enough. That being said, this is a really cool song. The congos especially make it.

X-Hungry Wolf: I saw some footage of them performing while watching some rock history documentary and I really liked them. This song prompts me to investigate further into their catalog.

Tom Waits-Hang Down Your Head: Another one of those artists that I've been meaning to look into but haven't got around to it. I liked this song and hopefully I will finally get around to getting one of his albums.
A lot of great stuff on this tape. I love the inclusion of Bodysnatchers and Rain. Never heard that X song before, I really enjoyed that as well.
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Kudos on When The Ship Comes In! That's my favorite from The Times They Are A-Changin', which is my favorite Dylan album.
Hey, I'm Mike.
Great mix. Especially glad you included Jeff Buckley; Grace has always been one of my favorite albums.
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I've been meaning to listen to this, but I haven't had much time, so I'll get in what I can...

The guitar on that Television track was really something in a few parts. I'll admit that I could live without the singing, but the song is still pretty rocking.

I've listened to some of Jeff Buckley's Sketches album, but this is more complete. I think I'll look into the Grace album... the harmonies are interesting.

I'll listen to the rest later
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There wasn't a song on there I didn't like.

Very nice
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Ok, listened to the rest.

I knew the Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead tracks, and I really like all of them. In particular, I think Bodysnatchers is fantastic.

Out of the rest, the Nick Drake one stood out to me; I still need to get some of his material; really cool stuff. The Kinks song was also pretty groovy.
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