Hello GG&A.
I have some money now and can afford to buy a new amp. I have searched etc and have done most of the legwork so don't worry.

I have been playing coming up on 2 years. I play blues, blues-rock, classic rock, hard rock and thrash, 80's (hair) metal, and some neo-classical metal. My favourite bands/artists are Led Zep, Van Halen, Hendrix, Sabbath, Iron maiden, Rush, Judas Priest, Satch, and anything with Paul Gilbert.

I have a Digitech RP50 multieffects pedal, and my guitar is a hollow body Johnson (which i intend to upgrade at the end of the year)

The amp is mostly for practice and small jams, I mostly focused on small tube combos cause that's what I'm looking for

My budget really is about $700AUD max. I have included the price of some amps out of my budget just to show you that I already looked into them.

I live in (west) Australia and everything here is rather expensive as far as guitar goes. My list of possible amp is as follows:
Laney VC15 couldn't find new
VC30 $1100
Laney All Valve LC15R $799
Fender Super Champ XD $639
Epiphone Valve JR $299.00
Epiphone Valve Standard Combo $599
Epiphone Valve Special Combo $599
Randall RG50TC $1,295
Peavey Classic 30 $999
Vox AD50-XL 50W 2x12 Valvetronix Combo $749

(many too big for practice use but oh well)
AMP Laney TF320, tube fusion, (2) 12 combo, excel cond $350 ono
Marshall Amp Valvestate 100. Good condition $400 ono
AMP Peavey Special 130, made in USA $400.
AMP Crate, VGTX100, 100W valve combo, twin channel $650.
AMP guitar, Peavey Triumph, 1 x 12 combo, all valve, 60W $500.
AMP guitar, Laney, 100W, 3 channel, gd cond $250 firm.
AMP Marshall, GCM 100W, combo, valve state $650 ono.
amp Marshall JCM900, 50W high gain, dual reverb, 12" spkr $750.
Fender Pro 185 twin spkr, twin channel combo, very loud $550 firm.

That's about it, i couldn't find any B-52 or Orange amps, and all Blackhearts & Traynors were very expensive. Thanks plz
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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The amp that stood out the most to me on that list is the JCM900. Great amp and seems reasonable compared to the rest of the prices you listed.
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