Hi everyone

I have a local made acoustic guitar that I got in May. It seemed to play better than some of the other local ones in the store (I took along a regular guitar player) but there's just too much fret buzz and the neck seems to be flawed (according to the feedback I've given on some other threads on UG and also according to my own experiences).

So, I'm looking to buy a relatively inexpensive acoustic guitar which I can learn on and use. I have the following options:

Granada PRD4 : http://www.bajaao.com/granada-prd4-dreadnought-jumbo-acoustic-guitar-p-4480.html

Granada PRD-7EF : http://www.bajaao.com/granada-prd7ef-jumbo-cutaway-acoustic-guitar-with-pickup-eq-p-4495.html

Granada PRS-1 : http://www.bajaao.com/granada-prs1-cutaway-acoustic-guitar-freebies-worth-rs-900-p-3517.html

RAT TAG EQ-1 : http://www.bajaao.com/rat-tageq1-jumbo-cutaway-acoustic-guitar-with-pickup-eq-p-4745.html

Yamaha F210: http://www.bajaao.com/yamaha-f210-jumbo-acoustic-guitar-with-belcat-pickup-and-eq-p-3520.html

The entire catalogue is here: http://www.bajaao.com/guitars-acoustic-guitars-c-5_40.html?page=1 (PS--The six figure guitars are a no no :P)

Then of course there are local manufacturers like Givson, but I don't want to buy a guitar from them.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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None of those gits even have a solid top. You should try to find one that does. I don't know where you are located, or what is available, but you should try to find something with a solid top.
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I'm from India. I'm a newbie...what do you mean by solid top?
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I mean a guitar with a top made from one piece of solid wood, as opposed to laminate, which is several pieces of wood glued together.

In the description of the guitar, it will specifically state if it is a solid top, usually Solid Spruce, sometimes Solid cedar. If it does not say the word Solid, it isn't a solid top.

Solid topped guitars generally have better tone, and also will get better with age.
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Ok, can you suggest some guitars?
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Have you checked the "what guitar under $300" thread yet? It's stickied for a reason.

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Have you checked the "what guitar under $300" thread yet? It's stickied for a reason.

Thanks, I had a look at the thread. Those guitars are still quite expensive, so I guess I should look elsewhere..
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that is a fairly comprehensive list of the best cheap guitars on the market. in United States Dollars... what exactly is your price range? use www.xe.com to do the monetary conversion.
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Has anyone heard of Cardinal acoustic guitars?

Specifically I'd like your opinion about the following guitars:



This is a solid sapele top back. I am thinking of getting one of these. Any inputs/suggestions would be appreciated.