What will a Badass II do to my new baby?

She's a beautiful 50s Precision Bass. I just got her a month ago, and although I'm happy with everything, I have a badass II on my Geddy Lee Jazz. What change can I really expect from the new bridge, if I was to get it?I'm planning on building my rig around my two basses, so I want them as amazing as can be.
And, even though my P-Bass is MIM, is is seriously amazing. I have come to love it, and when I'm doing some Maiden.... it's a powerful bass.

I did do a search, but didn't find anything in particular aying what it will improve, and how well.

Here are two links to it for reference (its the sunbust):

the bridge will help make a better sustain for the notes and it is much prettier than the standard bridge, I had one on a MIM jazz bass
sustain, and if it is completely modeled after after a 50's P, intonation would be easier.
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i have one and i can tell you what it adds to the sound is it adds a little bark to it. it overal makes hte sound more plesant over the stock bridge.

but that is just iceing on the cake as far as i am concerned. the real advantage to the bridge is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY better action useing this i got to lower the action by about 100% without any fretbuzz and it overal made my bass playing faster and less hand fitigue.

and adjustments are SUPER EASY to make and it will definently last over the years rust free.
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and adjustments are SUPER EASY to make and it will definently last over the years rust free.


my faviorite part of having one.

and it's nice see somebody else from Alabama
im in Selma, AL.

and i got a BAII on my MIM Jazz.


it just feels kinda weird taking my bass to church on sundays and weds knowing down there it has "BADASS" on it, lol.
They're great bridges, personaly, i think sting through eats them, just my opinion, anyway, they really are great bridges, and if you've got a stock bridge of your bass and you change it to a leo, you'll notice straight away improved sustain and tone brom your bass

have a nice day
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