I've created a folder on my computer (Vista >_> and it won't delete. It's not locked or password protected or anything that would keep it from being erased, but it still won't go away.

Any ideas on how to make it leave?

try restarting the computer?
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I just have a Vista theme (so I don't know much about the OS)... But my guess would be, like suggested already, restart... Or make sure no other program is using said folder... And if all else fails, use Google.

EDIT: Boot to safe mode and delete it from there (hold f8 while booting to get to safe mode)

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I'll restart it.

And G{}{}ber, I was doing the "inb4" for my own protection. I know people hate vista and I didn't wanna see people posting that ****. But thanks.
XP pulls the same **** on me all the time. I usually just wait a few minutes and try again and it works. I also tried logging out and then back in once and that worked too.
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