Well, I listed this locally on craigslist but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post it up here. I'd prefer local pickup (Philly area - I can meet you somewhere halfway or possibly bring it to you) but will consider shipping if someone is really interested. I don't feel like typing my whole description out again so here's what I wrote on the Philly craigslist:

Up for sale is a great condition RG370DX electric guitar. This has been my main guitar for a solid 4 years, but I've recently switched to a 7 string Schecter as my primary and only guitar. I'd keep this for it's excellent playability and smooth neck but I'm going to college in the fall and don't have the space for two guitars.

I take very good care of my equipment, going so far as to wash my hands before I play every time. The guitar is set up very nicely - very low action with no buzzing and strung with .010 gauge strings for a thicker sound. This is a slightly older model with a higher quality Edge Pro II Bridge rather than the Edge Pro III that newer models have. It stays in tune perfectly with trem bar use, though the trem has barely been used. As the title says, an Ibanez hard case is included - adds an extra $70 in a store.

I've also upgraded the pickups to Dimarzio's all around - PAF Pro in the neck, Super Distortion in the bridge, and Blue Velvet in the middle single coil position. This gives it a much nicer tone overall, putting it above other higher end RG's. I have the original pickups as well and will include them with the guitar. I have the allen wrenches and all the other assorted stuff that came with the guitar, all of which will be included.

Here is the Ibanez page for this guitar with specs - http://ibanez.com/eg/guitar.aspx?m=RG370DX - Those are all accurate specs except this is a higher quality older model with Edge Pro II as stated earlier. The stock pickups are also different - they're the V7, V8, and S1 that are now only included in higher end RG's. Doesn't matter much though as the upgraded pickups sound much better than any stock Ibanez.

This has been a great guitar for me and I look forward to owning another RG in the future, but I just won't have the space or need for it for a while. The picture below is NOT my guitar, but it's the same color and design. My price is $10 less than a new RG370DX, but the pickups and hard case are $260 when bought online. ($70 for each humbucker and the hard case and $50 for the single coil). This has always been played and stored in a clean, smoke free home. E-mail me with serious inquiries for pictures of the actual guitar and case and everything. Feel free to come in and play it - I've got a nice boogie MK IV combo to bring out the best in it Then we can set up a deal. Thanks!

The part about stopping by to play it still applies if you're local, otherwise you'll have to trust that I know how to set up a guitar The picture below is NOT my actual guitar, I found it online. Mine is the same color and setup however. If people show interest here, I'll take my own pictures of the guitar.

Asking price is $350 - $10 less than a new one as explained in the listing but including $260 worth of nice upgrades!

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