And UPS messed it up. The box was ruined. Tape all over it. Apparently someone tore it open and lost/stole the AC adapter and now I have to return it and get a replacement. I was supposed to get this months ago but it had to be put off and now I won't get it until august sometime because 1 week to ship back, 1 week for them to ship a new one.
That is absolute BS. I've never ordered from Musicians Friend. Or from any online distributor, to be honest. But you should call UPS and Musician's Friend and tell them you want some sort of reimbursement or you're going to call the Better Business Bereau.
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well, i don't think they will appreciate threats but I'm considering asking for some sort of reimbursement. Musicians Friend is usually a good site to order from, I've ordered from them a lot and never had too many problems. Usually it's UPS. But it get's destroyed in UPS because of how they ship. So it's hard to pin blame.
Threaten to kill the guy on the phone's mother.

"what? oh your mom just died last week... um sorry about that.... can i still haz reimbursmint??"

(sorry if i somehow offended someone)
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I talked and they said they will do 2nd day airmail to reimburse for time and the boss is pretty heavy so it is worth it.
thats some bs. it looked like it was torn open and the ac adapter was missing? what a load of shyt lol. you should demand free stuff from them