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an acoustic guitar?

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The Myth: Mesa amps were given to us by God, and sound as such.
The Truth: True. God is the CEO and Jesus does QC at Mesa...yup.

They're ridin Dimebag out for the bitch he has become.
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why do you need to have ur amp flat bickie in your house if you are just practicing is what i'm wondering? Of course it's bad for every1's hearing

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You've never seen one before?
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I have not seen one like that, the again I have not ever looked aroung for Acoustic Guitars.
They should make Acoustic models of everything, for instance, an Acoustic version of the Edge III Trem for Ibanez's acoustics so when im trying to change the strings and im cussing so loud the south is starting to rise i can hear myself louder through the acoustics of the guitar...ok, maybe they should just stop while they are ahead.
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oh man, seems as though i totally forgot about anal

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That made absoulutely no sense how do you tie your shoes in little nazi's?
I suppose though...if you're gonna play Pantera on an acoustic, this would be the ONLY way to go...lol...but yeah, ive never been a fan of these "Metal" looking acoustics.....just as long as they dont make a frickin banjo look like this...
Who's in charge of marketing for Dean? He deserves to be kicked in the face for what Dean has become.
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As much as I am going to get pwned for this, i have to say that i like it
^ I must own one... now!!!

And I love how it just admits it made of plywood, lol...

EDIT: Nooo!!! eBay has failed me. I need to find this guitar...
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I kinda like it, because it's so silly. I've been looking for an acoustic, and now , to better look like a totalt douche, I think I'm gonna get something like that :p
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So where's the "Razorbackcoustic"?
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It even says "High Quality" in the title, so you KNOW it's quality
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^ I must own one... now!!!

And I love how it just admits it made of plywood, lol...

EDIT: Nooo!!! eBay has failed me. I need to find this guitar...

actually eventough made of plywood, that guitar cost about 700 usd
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