People,i need your help,as shown on my title,i have a dilemma on choosing these three guitars,i LOVE RR24M mind you,but the maple neck,i know it would get dirty on the fretboard from time to time,plus as i tried it,i could play really fast.BUT,it has only EMG 81 pickups,so it will not be versatile.

as for Demmelition,tried it out as well,but i think i cant play that fast on Ebony as i played on Maple,but it has the pickups i really wanted,which are EMG 81 and EMG 60.and also,its an awesome looking guitar.the sound was beautiful,the action on both guitars were great.

as for RG2570z,i could play this guitar the fastest,the neck is really comfortable.but now comes the problem,the pickups were good,but not great.its DiMarzio/IBZ,im satisfied with that pickups but not as good as those EMGs,but the advantage of this guitar is its really fast to play.

is it that im too seasoned with Rosewood fretboard?or is it the fact that rosewood is nice,i would LOVE to try Maple and Ebony,maybe i should just try getting them and get use to it?
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if speed is the most important thing for you, then i would get the rr 24m and put the pups on it that you like or do the same w/ the ibby. if you thinkyou could learn to get fast on the dem-o- lition, and you dont want the hassle of changing pups, then buy the demmi.
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Demmelition man, that's the way to go. Dual EMG pickups at your disposal. Just need to spend some time till you get used to the ebony fretboard, that's all.
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I'd go with the Ibanez as it's a lot more versatile than the Jacksons. Do you really need 24 frets? The Jackson RR5 is sexy as hell, fast to play on, and versatile.
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i think i do,see,i wanna learn children of bodom with my new guitar,im making my current guitar at E and my new guitar at D.plus COB uses a lot of 24 frets.plus,RR5 in Malaysia is only that RR5FR,which is not that sexy compared to normal RR5,so yeah
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the rr24 has an ebony neck
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I tried the Demmelition, but I didn't like the tone, or the playability...

The RR24M seems like a kickass guitar, although you might find the single bridge humbucker a bit lacking. As for the RG2570z, it's a great all-round guitar.

Also, I quite like the sound of ibanez stock pickups through my amp, which is quite similar to your own Mesa.
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