ok seroiusly...sorry for posting so many of these...but I"m a confused man. lol xD So like i was wondering if anyone has any suggestoins for songs to learn...I know theres a MILLION threads about this...but i have my specifics . So I'm looking for a song that has the characteristics of say...Over the Hills and Far Away by zeppelin...and persay...Drive by Incubus...or Taylor by JJ. What I'm after is a song that has diversity, chords, and maybe some bends/hammerons/hammeroffs mixed in to one beautiful piece...i dont care if its an instrumental or not.....but it has to sound good without singing =/. Preferably something thats played with a pick. I really enjoy playing the intro to Taylor by JJ, but its short, and the rest of the song is just...chords and bleh. =/. Help me out! Thanks