So I found a few independent labels that let musicians email them recordings of their music for consideration and I will be doing that soon. I'm just wondering if signing onto an independent label help get your name out at all. We all dream of signing onto a major labels but that's just a dream for most of us, can the non-major guys help out?
it really depends on the label. Obviously some indie labels will have a lot more to offer than others, seeing as anyone with enough money to buy a copyright can own an "indie label". Check out harmony-central's music business forum. They know what they're talking about.


No offense to any UGer's, but you will get 20 great, really informative responses there for every 1 you get here.
Well of course, your not going to go from garage band to major.

It's a small step up from being unsigned, and gradually you work your way up. However, you better have some damn good talent and luck to make it anywhere near a major label. Putting that aside, like anything else in life, you start at the bottom of the ladder and work your ways up. Good luck!
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