What are your opinions on makeup on women? Personally I despise most of it...too much will make her look like a slut...A little is ok, on eye lashes for example...I hate the look of lipstick though...

a penny for your thoughts?
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I like it, because most of the time without it, they look like us. Not too much though of course.
the best place to make up is on your woman. or with her on you. either works just fine.
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idk, some chics dont know how to match up their ****in colors and they bring out the wrong part of their face and think it looks cute....so only chicks that know how to put on makeup should wear it.
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i do not wear makeup because it takes up time.
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I used to wear a$$loads of makeup, dark eyeliner, eye shadow, the whole shebang. It was my security blanket.

Nowadays, I rarely even put mascara on. It feels great to go out without any makeup
I used to feel differently, but I enjoy girls who wear less makeup, it makes them look more confident about themselves.
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If you tell a girl she doesn't need make up to look good then your pants she will be in.

But srsly, make-up is kinda gross.

On men? Don't get me started...
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makeup = special occasions only

otherwise..... if a girl thinks she needs makeup to look good..... then she's more interested in herself than other guys

i think that girls are fine with just a bit and their natural state doesnt bother me either, just dont hookerfy urselves
too much

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I love lip gloss/eyeliner
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im wondering how many people saying they used to/do wear make up on this thread are guys (well, were born boys)
not a big fan unless its subtle... I completely agree with the lipstick making women look like clowns statement.

Also for some reason I'm extremely against nail polish... especially if the colors are "hot" as in reddish or something. *shudder*
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Also for some reason I'm extremely against nail polish... especially if the colors are "hot" as in reddish or something. *shudder*

Totally. Acrylic nails aren't too alluring either.
A little is okay, like that Chips- posted was perfect

But bloody hell, that first bitch is borderline atrocity
A really beautiful girl doesn't need much makeup if any at all.

I wonder for the guys who doesn't like the makeup, do you think Meghan Fox is pretty? I mean, in most of her pics she has a lot on.