My band is me (guitar), my brother(drums), and our friend (bass), are in the best band in the world but we have a problem. I dont like to sing but am automatically shoved into singing because of my position. I dont like to sing, im not good at singing, when i do sing, its not really singing just sort of 'frank zappa'-ing it. So next is the bassist. Well theres a reason hes playing bass, hes sort of shy, but doesnt mind singing some parts, so we kinda duet our songs. SO -onto the problem-, my brother (drummer) is not that great of a drummer, which we all admit, but has great stage presence and would make a good frontman as a singer. We had another friend that is really good at drums beg to be in our band (yes begged, he said he would suck our- nvm), BUT he is extremely uncommiting and everytime band practise goes up, he quits. AND TO TOP IT OFF, my brother doesn't like the fact that the band wouldnt be just us 3 (we are basically all brothers, we have known each other for a long time). Any ideas on how this could be arranged to a simple solution or any ideas on how to coerce my bandmates? (By the way, this band is enough for me, so if anyone was about to say join a new band)