Hey guys, this is stressing my out ALOT!

i got 13 strings for drop c and drop db, and two men at the music shop said it would be fine, as one uses 13s for drop c and the other uses 12s.

i just spent 40 BUCKS getting my bridge fixed and crap, and people on the forums are sayihng they will be way too thick. They added another spring inside the guitar. IF I DECIDE TO GO DOWN TO 12S, WILL I HAVE TO GET THE BRIDGE ADJUSTED AGAIN?

will they be ok? will they sound like crap and be hard to play the first fret? if so, what should i say to the music shop.
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should be fine, I was using 11s for that tuning and they were a bit loose. It will take a while to adjust, but it should be fine

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well, they are pretty damn thick. Would be better off with 11s, but if u get used to it, then thats great.

Its mainly preference.
I play drop C with 9s (ernie ball super slinky), with no problems whatsoever. It's quite fun, and the strings aren't floppy, just slightly loose,

Just play with whatever string size is comfortable, ignore other people.
If you prefer 12s, use them.
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