My last search led me to no where. Just ended up knowing what I already knew: To try out a whole spectrum of stuff. I'm wanting to narrow things down though!

So, what I am searching for is a guitar amp. Genres of music: Everything, with a good focus on Metal.

What I want: A good chugga chugga sound, very heavily distorted. Fluid, liquidy distortion. Note clarity. I want each note I play, even while heavily distorted, to be able to be deciphered without a ton of effort. I know right now, with my Metal Muff, that does not occur.

Do not worry about my current guitar or it's pickups, those are not going to last. I'm going to get a Schecter 7 string around the same time as this amp, and it comes with EMG 707's, if that's important. I'd like to use AMP distortion, and ditch my metal muff for that department.

Price range. Around two thousand dollars. 2250 $ is a bit of a stretch, and 2500 $ is my peak absolute limit. I'd prefer to spend around 1500 $, but, I understand that this AMP is for my 'lifetime' and those kinds are the expensive ones. USD or CND.

Thanks for all the help in advance.
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OH! I forgot to add, need good cleans. I like clean music, it's beautiful.

GOod cleans to that list. xD
Blackstar HT-5

Agile AL-2000 with Chrome Hardware
Randall RM, or the Egnater amps, you get to pick and choose preamp modules.

How about a used Mark IV? A Carvin V3 is a pretty good amp for less than a third of your maximum budget.

I have a splawn quickrod that does high gain fairly well, it's an epically hotrodded JCM800, basically.

Personally, if I had to get an amp that would last me a lifetime, I'd get an Egnater.
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