I've been playing guitar for about 6 months now and I'm looking for some decent lessons that teach you how to play songs rather than just chords and stuff. There's heaps here on tabs but I'm meaning more like youtube type video lessons. Youtube is full of lessons but a lot of them are really bad quality, so I was wondering if anyone had any links to good lessons? I end up spending more time finding a decent lesson than I do learning to play it! Thannnks
buy licklibrary dvds, they are expensive but very good. if you have never heard of them you are going to thank me for telling you this!
You don't need lessons to teach you songs - just find a tab or chord sheet for a song you like and learn it that way, just start with something simple.

Videos are good for teaching you one specific thing but they aren't the greatest of tools for teaching you simply how to play the guitar - if you rely too much on somebody telling you the way things are you tend to forget to use your own ears. In the long run you're far better doing things yourself, trust me.
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