Everyone has that one guitar in their collection that just "feels right" to them, and they always go to pick it up whenever they want to play around and enjoy themselves.

Which guitar that you own is the most special to you? Mine is my strat.
mine is my Prs Custom 22. It feels like home. Although, I reckon there r still guitars out there which might feel better, havnt found them yet tho.
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I only own one guitar...
My Yamaha AES720.
I haven't felt ANY guitar more suited to me. Even ones 5x the price. BRILLIANT instrument.
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i only have one guitar
and i love it
but there was this one specific gibson lp i tried out once that felt so perfect i wanted to cry
alas, i couldn't afford it
I want Super Saiyan abilities

Enough said.
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Enough said.

Do you actually own one? Says ESP/LTD: EX50 on your profile.
Goldie is my special axe.
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I recently bought a used Patrick Eggle Vienna, and i have never felt so "at home" with an instrument this fast.
absolute nr1 axe!
I only have one instrument, but I love any guitar, I just love the feel of the guitar.
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I know I'll get hated, but I actually like the feel of my Ashton AG131 over my Epi LP Studio. Must be cause I'm used to it or something.
my favorite is my Washburn pro idol that i have customized and upgraded with wooden guitar parts. changed the look completely and now it feels like a custom instrument. Came with some nice pickup so its always sounded good.
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I know I'll get hated, but I actually like the feel of my Ashton AG131 over my Epi LP Studio. Must be cause I'm used to it or something.

Strange, I had an Ashton LP during a holiday and it felt as comfortable as a Fender.
Umm well my favorite guitar is my only guitar which is my Epi Les Paul.

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I'd say my Eclipse, although I've had other guitars that have felt great too, this one just feels right to me.

Although, sometimes I miss playing my Charvel..
my 1959 gibson melody maker. it is the most comfortable, playable, best feeling guitar that gives me the perfect tone. i love it.
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My first guitar, a dreadnought acoustic that I got from K-Mart. Kicks the **** out of most lower end fenders and yamaha's, and it has personality.

I have an Ibanez worth more than 10 times the price, but as soon as I walk into my room my Burswood is my go to guitar.
My girl, a 1996 ESP/LTD H-2...

I've since stripped the stickers off of her (Yes, I was young and foolish), she's just too pretty to desecrate

The neck is weathered just right, and the setup is perfect. Nobody understands my infatuation with this guitar until they put their hands on it. It feels so good and sounds fantastic.
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Schecter C-1 Classic. I love the fuck out of that guitar
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