Yeah i just copy/pasted it from my auction =]


This bridge was NEVER installed / Soldered! It's been sittin in the box for a month.
This was purchased for a guitar of mine but I've changed my mind on the color of hardware ( see
the two gold SH-4's for sale too! ) It has been opened meaning the instructions and hardware was
taken out of the plastic and such. But again 100% of everything is there!

Theres more than what the picture shows, theres a stereo output jack / and a pot /other little hardware
that is included normally.

This comes with the Control-X Mixer/Preamp! This can be installed in any normal guitar
that has a TOM bridge with minimal modifications! This allows either hexaphonic or normal installation
meaning it can be installed in correlation with midi control or as a Piezo bridge for acoustic sounds! Normally retails
separately for $90!

This whole package retails for $265 + Shipping from most retailers and my reserve will start out at
a phenonimal price! If you're in the market for this awesome combo then snag this up!